DEADLINE: JAN. 7, 2019





The Philadelphia Youth Film Festival is devoted to helping teenage filmmakers develop their creative and technical abilities in the cinematic arts, as well as presenting an opportunity to meet fellow artists and view their peers’ films. We invite you to attend our day of workshops, guest speakers from the film industry, and a screening of selected film submissions.



We are working to make film festivals and filmmaking in general more accessible to high school students.

PHYFF is a student-run event dedicated to helping teenage creatives find their voice in a rapidly expanding community of young filmmakers. This festival is a great opportunity to show off work and get critiques, as well as to network with peers from the area and make connections.

The Festival is open to high school students in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond, with free participation for all students, and includes an awards ceremony for the winning films.


NOAH WEINSTEIN is a junior at Germantown Friends School. He loves music production, tech and travel. Noah has recently begun filmmaking and enjoys creating cinematic drone videos. He is a leader in Tech Theater, often involved in plays and musicals, and he manages an aquaponic farm on campus that he designed and built.
RAIA STERN is a senior at Germantown Friends School. She enjoys making and watching films, writing short fiction, and taking photos in nature. She is multimedia editor of Earthquake magazine, a passionate climate activist, and is involved with neuroscience and primate research at the University of Pennsylvania. Raia has lived in Philadelphia her whole life, and seeks to connect with the city's vibrant communities through art and civic engagement.
TOMMY VICTOR is a junior at Germantown Friends School. He's interested in natural sciences, and has done paleontology, geology and botany work. On campus, Tommy is involved with the aquaponic farm and the beehive. Tommy got his filmmaking start with parody action movies and rap videos, and has made documentaries too.
BEN RAUFER is a Junior at Germantown Friends. When it comes to filmmaking he is one of the three creators of the popular comedic B-Dawg movie and song series but is also interested in working on more serious movie projects. His other non-film interests include drawing, writing, and running Cross Country.
BEN ROSIN is a Junior at Germantown Friends School. He enjoys running for the school track team and helping out at GFS's computer science department. Ben helps with the public face of the festival, contacting potential sponsors or collecting entries. His interests include outreach and marketing, but he's eager to do whatever it takes to host the Philly Film Fest at GFS!
CALEB RADER is a freshman at Germantown friends. He's interested in engineering and art. He likes to skateboard and play with his siblings in his free time. He's helping to coordinate judges and workshop presentations for the 2019 Festival. He also runs track with other members of the PHYFF team.
CASEY SPARKS is a freshman at Germantown Friends School. He is a huge fan of film, comedy, and animation. He spends his free time writing reviews and voice acting, and is also a guitarist and martial artist.
HENRY FARNHAM is a junior at Germantown Friends School. After making his first movie in his backyard, his love of film grew. In 2017, his documentary on Vernon Park was acknowledged by the Bridge Film Festival and the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. Henry is interested in politics and is a flutist in the GFS Orchestra, a Baritone in the GFS choir, and a witness on the Mock Trial team.
SEAN PARK is a sophomore student who attends Germantown Friends School and is the Submissions Coordinator of the Philadelphia Film Festival. Some of his hobbies and outside-school pursuits are jazz/rock drums, squash, and filmmaking. Sean is also involved with “Philly Reading Coaches” which aids young and underprivileged kids in basic educational skills. He hopes to pursue his dream in a career in neuroscience in the future.
SONGQI (STEVEN) PU is a junior at Germantown Friends School. He has been making films for three years. Having lived in Beijing for many years, Songqi is very interested in discovering similarities and differences between cultures and identities through the lens. He has also participated in many intercultural/border programs in the past year. Recently, he is working on an intercultural project with Mozilla Foundation.
THOMAS SHAW is a Junior at Germantown Friends. He enjoys computer science, music, and film related avenues, and hopes to combine them into a more powerful medium. He is currently working on a documentary about the choir he attends, and hopes to continue his film career with the help of friends and teachers at GFS. Thomas manages the PHYFF website and is willing to help out wherever he can help the PHYFF team.
WILL HAGELE is a Junior at Germantown Friends School. He is interested in electronics and computer programming, and looks for ways to apply these concepts to real-world situations, such as the PHYFF website. Will also enjoys playing tennis and bass.