Submissions close 11/5/2020

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Submissions are open to high schoolers, 14 to 19 years of age. Only secondary roles (such as talent) may be outside this range. Adults may provide assistance and advise in the production of submissions, but their help must be minimal.

All music copyright, talent, and location releases must be submitted with each entry.

Accurate and complete credits are required on-screen and on-file. Films should be at/under 12 minutes, and screenplays should be at most 15-20 pages long.

A valid high school ID of the most recent/current year you attended high school must be attached with your submission.

This year, the festival will award special recognition to one or more films for excellence in depicting the following themes:
  • Social Justice
  • COVID-19
  • Environment




You! The Fest is free and open to all high-school students. Whether you make films or just like watching them we'd love to see you at the Fest.


The Fest features a keynote speaker, workshops with local professionals, and screenings/awards for the best submissions!


The Fest is hosted on the campus of Germantown Friends School, in the Sharpless building.


The Fest will take place on Saturday, February 27nd, 2021.


The Fest is a great opportunity to make connections or just chat with local filmmakers and similarly passionate students. You might also have a chance to show off your film on the big-screen!


  • Style & Substance - documentary
    with Gage Johnston

  • How to be a Student Entrepreneur in the Film Industry
    with Alex Favin

  • Essentials of Post Production Work Flow
    with Paul Bastin

  • Scene Analysis 101
    with Jacob Mazer

  • Producing Television for Broadcast TV!
    with Victor C. Reyes

  • Screenwriting 101
    with Kathy Van Cleve

  • Lighting Tips for Student Filmmakers
    with Emory Van Cleve

  • Can I Use This YouTube Video In My Documentary?
    with Frauke Levin

  • Making a Feature Film as a High Schooler: It's Possible - Here's How
    with Caden Hollander


PHYFF is a student-run event dedicated to helping teenage creatives find their voice in a rapidly expanding community of young filmmakers. We seek to create an environment where our peers could have their work recognized without massive budgets or extensive training. We have received submissions from Philadelphia schools and ones across the world.

This festival is a great opportunity to show off work and get critiques, as well as to network with peers from the area and make connections. Filmmaking experts will judge and rank submitted films in four categories: narrative, documentary, experimental, and screenplay. At each festival, we offer several workshops on a variety of common and niche filmmaking focuses.

The Festival is open to high school students in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond with free participation for all students, and it includes an awards ceremony for the winning films.


Check out our highlight reel!


Shame by Taylor Richardson

The Garden Store by Rose Knopper

ÅÅO by Miles C. McCrudden


Nocturnal Minds by Fred Schachinger

Nursery Crimes by Anna Ploegman

A FUGUE by Charles Jimenez


I Am Hitkoak by Aiden Atatahak and Tabitha Stirretta

Left Behind by Maddie Ding

Poleski by Brendan Hickey, Owen Russell, and Ransom Miller


For a Few ATMs More by Tadgh Quill-Manley

Book Club by Liza Gandhi

Shakespeare’s Survivors Club by Brenden Dahl

Derailed by Jared Goudsmit


NOAH EISENSTEIN is a senior and a young filmmaker and screenwriter. He is the Co-Director of the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and playing tennis. He also sings with the GFS choir and a cappella groups. Two of his screenplays were award winners at Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. To stay up to date with Noah’s films, check out his youtube channel at NKE Films.
SEAN PARK is the Co-Director for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. As a rising senior, his hobbies include filmmaking, playing squash, beatboxing in a cappella, and folding origami. His film projects primarily consist of documentary shorts such as Moral of Murals, a film about the significance of mural arts to Philadelphia residents, which won multiple awards. He is currently working on a documentary about climate change in South Korea.
GRACE RAUFER is a junior and has been a part of PHYFF since freshman year. At PHYFF, she works on design and branding, and is the co-leader of the publicity department with Harlem Rogers. When she's not watching movies, she likes to ride her bike, write songs, listen to music, and read.
TADDY WANG is the submission coordinator for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. Taddy enjoys various hobbies, including reading books, playing instruments and watching films. It is her second year in the club and as a sophomore in school. She is looking forward to developing more in films.
FENGYU (JOHN) YANG is the administrator for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. John enjoys a variety of hobbies, including watching films, participating in sports teams, playing instruments, etc. He has also been participating in the filmmaking processes since early middle school to today as a sophomore student, creating a variety of films from documentary to other creative shorts.
HARLEM ROGERS is a junior and is the Publicity & Social Media Manager for PHYFF, and she has been since her sophomore year. In her free time, she enjoys making short films and watching movies. She rows in the spring for the GFS team.
SEQUOYAH SUDLER is a senior and co-leads the web development team for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. When he isn't coding, you can find him boxing, listening to music, or writing the Weekly Gazette, which is his take on what a school newspaper should be.
ROBERT MAY is a senior and a web developer for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. He enjoys web development and acting, although the only role he's ever played was the role of Darren Johnson in Darren Johnson: Full-Time Highschooler, Part-Time Ninja.
JACOB MORSE is the sponsor coordinator for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. Jacob enjoys various activities outside of Film, including sports, singing, and cooking. He is new to the film festival scene but has recently got more into the video with his youtube channel. It is Jacob’s first year in the club but he is ready and excited to learn more about film.
CALEB ASH is the judge and speaker outreach coordinator for the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. Caleb enjoys hobbies outside of things related to film such as soccer, exercising, and playing guitar. He is new to the film festival scene, but looks forward to learning and developing skills around film.