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Submissions are open to high schoolers, 14 to 19 years of age. Only secondary roles (such as talent) may be outside this range. Adults may provide assistance and advise in the production of submissions, but their help must be minimal.

All music copyright, talent, and location releases must be submitted with each entry.

Accurate and complete credits are required on-screen and on-file. Films should be at/under 12 minutes, and screenplays should be at most 15-20 pages long.

Thanks to all those who submitted! We can't wait to see you at the Festival!


SATURDAY FEB. 22, 2020



PHYFF is a student-run event dedicated to helping teenage creatives find their voice in a rapidly expanding community of young filmmakers. We seek to create an environment where our peers could have their work recognized without massive budgets or extensive training. We have received submissions from Philadelphia schools and ones across the world.

This festival is a great opportunity to show off work and get critiques, as well as to network with peers from the area and make connections. Filmmaking experts will judge and rank submitted films in four categories: narrative, documentary, experimental, and screenplay. At each festival, we offer several workshops on a variety of common and niche filmmaking focuses.

The Festival is open to high school students in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond with free participation for all students, and it includes an awards ceremony for the winning films.



1st Have You Ever Been In Love? Kaya Trefz

2nd Welcomer Sam Gualtieri & Jalen Ramseur-Williams

3rd The Guitar Brianna Quimby


1st iRony Radheya Jegatheva

2nd Fictional Characters Ivana Noa

3rd Journey Radheya Jegatheva


1st Maya Rajkishore Mohapatra

2nd The Island of Music Lily Annenberg

3rd We Are Now Carlos Escobar, Kimberly Gonzalez-Ramirez, Verite Igiraneza, Yohannes Gezahegn, Merry Hailegeorgies


1st Gone Fishing Noah Eisenstein

2nd Hearing Aid Juliana Santamauro

3rd Have You Ever Been In Love? Kaya Trefz


TOMMY VICTOR is a senior, and a co-director of PHYFF. He's interested in botany and event planning. On campus, Tommy is involved with the aquaponic farm and the beehive. Tommy got his filmmaking start with parody action movies and rap videos, and has made documentaries too.
BEN ROSIN is a senior, and an administrator of PHYFF. He enjoys running for the school track team and editing the campus literary magazine, Polyphony. Ben helps manage the planning committee’s meetings and relationships. His interests especially include outreach and marketing, but he's eager to do whatever it takes to host the Philly Film Fest at GFS!
HENRY FARNHAM is a senior, and head of publicity/media/grant writer at PHYFF. After making his first movie in his backyard, his love of film grew. In 2017, his documentary on Vernon Park was acknowledged by the Bridge Film Festival and the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. Henry is interested in politics and is a flutist in the GFS Orchestra, a Baritone in the GFS choir, and a witness on the Mock Trial team.
LEO KASTENBERG is a senior, and logistics coordinator at PHYFF. He enjoys learning about math and computer science. He is a leader of Germantown Friends' Data Science club, and is an avid fencer. He listens to a wide range of music from jazz to heavy metal.
WILL HAGELE is a senior, and the web administrator of PHYFF. Will looks for ways to apply his passion for electronics and computer programming to real-world situations. Will leads the Web Team for PHYFF, runs the Tinkering/Makerspace club at GFS, works for the Philadelphia Children's Foundation, and plays bass guitar.
SEAN PARK is a junior, and the submissions coordinator of PHYFF. Some of his hobbies and outside-school pursuits are jazz/rock drums, squash, and filmmaking. Sean is also involved with “Philly Reading Coaches” which aids young and underprivileged kids in basic educational skills. He hopes to pursue his dream in a career in neuroscience in the future.
SONGQI (STEVEN) PU is the Co-Director of the Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. He has been working on the Philadelphia Youth Film festival for two years. He has directed his own film project The Model Minority and is on tour with the screening workshop. Songqi is very interested in discovering similarities and differences between cultures and identities. He has also participated in many intercultural/border programs in the past year.
BEN RAUFER is a senior, and an event coordinator at PHYFF. When it comes to filmmaking, he is one of the three creators of the popular comedic B-Dawg movie and song series, and the feature length film “Darren Johnson: Full Time High Schooler, Part Time Ninja,” but is also looking into making more serious movie projects. His other non-film interests include drawing, painting, writing, and running.
GRACE RAUFER is a sophomore, and she is in charge of social media at PHYFF. She loves all things arts and has always loved making videos and music since she was a little kid. She records and writes songs and has participated in school musicals.
THOMAS SHAW is a senior, and the design/branding leader of PHYFF. He enjoys computer science, music, and film related avenues. He is one of the creators of the B-Dawg The Rapper film series as well as the Darren Johnson feature film. He was a major part in the creation of the PHYFF website, and has moved on to take charge of PHYFF branding.
NOAH EISENSTEIN is a junior and a young filmmaker and screenwriter. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and playing tennis. He also sings with the GFS choir and a cappella groups. Two of of his screenplays were award winners at Philadelphia Youth Film Festival. To stay up to date with Noah’s films, check out his youtube channel at NKE Films.
MAX MARLOWE is a senior and graphic designer at PHYFF. He is a Coffeehouse Leader, and is the creator of Will and the Bagels, the greatest cover band to exist. He enjoys helping with Graphic Design for PHYFF. He enjoys listening to Rush, Weezer, Radiohead, and The Beach Boys.